» Our experience in coworking, startups, innovation, and education programs has lead to us having a great network of experts in the innovation field. We know how to utilise our network and create a training or workshop customised to and efficiently targetting your specific situation and needs. We focus on methodologies like design thinking, teambuilding, rapid prototyping, and organizational technologies such as kanban and holacracy.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can build a program to meet your needs.


» Who is better to learn from than those who put theory into practice every single day? We match the right corporates with the right startups to facilitate knowledge transfers on business specific subjects and methodologies.

We make sure that you’ll have deep yet hands-on, efficient and fruitful conversations that generate new insights and future business opportuinites.



» Startups and corporates need to work together & learn from one another in order to be able to maintain business and grow.
We believe there is no better way to do so then by spending time with each other; whether there’s time to spend for one week or several months. We’ve built accelerator programs for our startup community as well as for our corporate partners. Curious how our accelerators can be relevant to your companies’ culture, employees, teams, and products?

We use startup methods and practices to get your people and products invented, tested, and live - fast.